About Doodazzle

Doodazzle is the perfectly modern way for children to engage their creativity. They are able, through the use of technology, but critically, away from a screen, to design, upload and then receive in the post their very own creation.

We loved the idea of children allowing their imagination to run wild and then being able to keep and wear their design and we love that technology plays a part but that the design process itself is well away from an ipad, tablet or computer.

The Doodazzle process is simple! Just download the t-shirt template, let your child colour it in however they choose (the more colour on the design the better!), then take a picture of the design, selecting your size and send the design back to us. We print the design on a t-shirt and send it out to you. 

The name Doodazzle was decided by our 9 year old daughter. She thought she could doodle her design and then dazzle people when she wears her creation = DOODAZZLE!!

So, children age 3 upwards can now Doodazzle their own designs, each will be completely unique, completely fabulous and completely original. Just like your child.

We can't wait to see what your children come up with. Please take photos and send them to us so we can feature your child on our instagram feed!

Amanda, Doodazzle HQ xx