How to take a good pic

How to take the perfect picture of your Doodazzle creation

1) Make sure you are taking the picture in good, natural light. We want to see the picture as clearly as possible to ensure that we capture all the colours, love and attention you have put into your drawing!

2) Please make sure you are photographing our template and send through the original picture. We can’t really use screenshots as they don’t come up as clearly. And please get as close as you can so we have a lovely clear shot of the whole template.

3) We want a beautiful, crease free template (ideally, though we know sometimes little hands crease things!). The smoother the paper, the better the picture.

4) No shadows please! These won’t look good when we print your picture!

5) And please try to stay still when you take the picture! Blurred shots won’t work! Most of all, you must have fun, engage your creativity and your imagination. Each design will be completely unique, just like you!

Doodazzle HQ xx